Mental make up is an intricate part of a human being, and i wonder if abhishek bachan does really know what he’s getting into with that gorgeous manglik lady’s mental state..

Anyhow back to the subject at hand – passion.

Words play more of an importance in the a situation than we often realise. For example, our emotions, our feelings or thoughts can be portrayed only to the extent of the vocabulary that we posess, which is not to say that every anthropoids objective should be to amass large and prolific words of wisdom. So god in his glory invented actions. And we know that actions speak louder than words. Words are just an expression of interest, something that the speaker uses to put his passion into expression. However vocal expression is not the culmination of that passion, it is the outcome of action that is culmination of the passion.

Passion comes from the latin verb passio, it was originally used to describe the walk that Jesus had to take with the crucifix on his back. And after discovering the entire reason that the word came about, i certainly am going to think twice about using it, it doesnt bring about a pretty picture, however it also makes me questions what right and wrong is. Jesus died for what he believed in, and Jesus felt he was doing something beautiful, and correct – it was his faith, it was his passion.

I feel Latin words come about with no real emotion behind them, Indian words on the other hand are far better planned. We have the entire alphabet mapped onto our pallate, if you speak the alphabet you realise that all sets of sounds emanate from a different parts of the mouth, and i believe each word in hindi is not a random occourence of sound and movement, but carries with it an emotional quality – passion : )I do not believe anyone i know is without passion, it is just a matter of finding it, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what makes you angry, what make you laugh, and what makes you cry, our emotions are the buidling of our passion. In some of us our emotions are well within check and then in some they are let loose. And then there are those rare few..

The Sunshine Boys full movie

It’s a big life : ) Lets make ours a large one please : )

Much love, dhruv


Once upon a time in ancient India there lived a just king, and all he wished to do, was to serve his people, to bring prosperity to his land and to rule righteously.

At a certain time a great war came to his land, and as the time of reckoning approached, he knew he was faced with two options, to accede to his foe, or to fight the war and lose his people, his land and all that he believed in and held dear.

The king in his confusion asked his wisest sage for advice. Perhaps if this sage could show him a glimpse of the future, if he could only know the outcome of his choice. The wise sage told the king that in this rarest of rare circumstances, he would allow him to look into the future. So at the appointed hour the king came to the sage, and the sage asked the king to walk through a passageway and on the other side he would see the future.

After what seemed to his people an eternity, the king came out of the passage and announced that he would wage war, and so the kingdom went to war and fighting through a gruesome battle the kingdom emerged victorious.

When the battle was at an end, the people asked the wise king what it was that he saw, the king replied “As i walked into the corridor, i stared into a great void, there was no ground below me, no sky above, no stars that shone, and not a sound that could be heard, there was nothing  at all. At first i was taken aback with this picture of our future, and then i realised that there is no future that is writ, and no end to our journey. We make our own destiny and the paths we tread today will make our future tomorrow.”
Down with Love film

Often enough in life we forego our present to worry about a future that doesn’t exist. There is a wise king in all of us, and sometimes the words of the sage within don’t reach – This is when you should give Lord Dhruv a call 98301 dhruv – dial those digits all you mental midgets : )

I hope you enjoyed my little story: )



In life we learn that we all have a dream
and to follow that dream is our goal
and to reach that goal there is a road
now on that road there are choices
with each choice there are issues
and with each issue there are chances
with each chance there are changes
with each change there are avenues
on each avenue there are horizons
with each horizon, there lies a dream
and to realize that dream – you just need to stand up
Every day we have a choice to make, it doesnt matter which choice you make as long as you make that choice, because without making that choice you’re still stuck. So make the choice to meet your dreams today!
Live long and prosper : )


How just their thought could bring a smile

Skipping a heart beat just before you meet

Holding a hand and feeling a shock

Thinking that every love song made so much sense

Wanting a moment to never end

Closing your eyes just to see their face

Thinking a thought and getting those goose bumps

Looking at your phone just waiting for it to ring

Knowing what you have is no ordinary thing

– It must be love , love, love : )

I dont generally feel soppy : )  But sometimes, just sometimes, you get that warm gooey feeling : )

kcud ym kciS


Yudhishthira said that as mortals we are all reconciled to meet our fate – death. For that which has a begining, must have an end.

Each of us knows that we are going to die one day, but so gross is our understanding of life and so attached are we to the flesh that we live pretending it will be an eternity. However the wise, the learned, the enlightened, they know the truth of death, that it is not an end, but a gateway to a new consciousness, that of freedom, one of eternity and continuation of eternity.

What we term as the Hindu relegion is not actually a relegion, Hindu is a term which is defined by one of our many invaders, the persians among others, who could not pronounce our lands name and named the lands to the east of the Indus, and Hindustan, and the people who inhabitted it – The Hindus.

The real relegion of India is called santana dharma, sanatana means that which has no begin and no end. The philosophy of sanatana is one of excellence, to excel in any field of interest, which is why hindus can encompass so many, often conflicting philosophies. Which leads to the confusion that India is today!

Gotta run – more later!


It is not for me to question the reason for my birth, the purpose of my birth or the destination of my birth. The embodiment of my soul is Hindustan, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari my spirit lies with my country.

Bharat has been the glowing emblem of civilization since time immemorial and will continue to be so, my land which has given the world shoonya, my land which has given the world the knowledge of tantra, my land which has been proud to have borne the footsteps of our lords, the Buddha, the Christ, the teachings of the prophet Mohammed, and understood and accepted them all as one.

My identity is one with my nation and that of Hindustani! I bow to the souls that have spent their lives in the name of our great nation.

Jai Hind



Inspiration – a poet needs a pain, an inventor needs a problem, and a rebel needs a cause. I ask not for a life without difficulties, but an existence of struggle and perspiration. Without a struggle I would not appreciate my destination – and without my destination i would have lost my purpose – purpose and inspiration are interchangeable.

I have been tardy to post here – scattered have been my thoughts of late – for they have lacked completion. I have noticed that I often lack the urge and urgency to complete a task within a timeframe – I wouldn’t want to analyze the psychological nuances behind the phenomenon it would serve more purpose than is required – once you are aware of a problem, correction is a logical direction, analysis and diatribe would be mental exercise.

One of my family members passed away in the past week – death is not something we the living are accustomed to – any physicist will gladly enlighten us about the law of conservation of energy – and how it may be interpreted to let us know that dying is not as final as it seems, but it is just a change in the state of matter. What I have noticed is that most of us are averse to change, and the greater the variance in the change – the greater is our resistance. Since death is the ultimate transformation of state that our minds can perceive – there we have our greatest attachment and henceforth resistance. Which leads to the ever popular conclusion that attachment leads to resistance.

The only people who can say it different are the borg who are happy to point that “resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.” Assimilation is far easier a path than resistance, it takes a brave mind to resist social norms and requirements, our personalities are stitched from the fabric of society and to go against its weave, is to fight, it is to rebel, to invent, to compose – which irnonically brings us back to the start of our little dialogue – the requirements of Inspiration. Life is a beautiful circle and it’s only gift is timelessness.

Thank you for reading my friend – talk soon.


It’s the weekend again and its time to be a grooving and a grinding! It’s been a while since i blogged and i have to say i was hoping id be more regular on this than my once a month blogs.

I mean there ought to be something worth writing about aint it ? Surely life has something more than just the mundane to think about. There could be two reason for that

1. You dont find your life exciting enough to love its moments – in which case – it might be time to really look within and figure where you want to go – like to the Andamans to buy an island like my man Kaddu perhaps

- OR –

2. You just dont want to talk about it because you’re a super hero and cant give away your identity.

In my case its the latter of course, im a Super Commando : ) See for yourself!

Other than killing villians and assorted baddies, i cant complain, ive been loving it.

My sis, just left for Paris to study law for a while, which is good coz if my secrets out i need some lawyers to protect my ass. I mean think about it, you seen those superheroes, breaking down houses, ruining coffee shops, crashing planes, hell im sure the government wants to sue their asses : )

What else do we have here, football fever, dont see enough of that yet for sure, cant claim to be a football maniac, but its a fun watch, 10 people running after a ball ( the goalkeeper doesnt! ) and getting themselves colour cards – like my friend Mukesh said “Man that was a bad one, he deserves a green card!” He he !

Well gotta go meus amigos – till our paths meet!


Didnt get around to that phone just as yet, back to contemplating that one for now : ) Couldnt get my hands on that just as yet, but i did manage to get my hands around – a lot of spam ! Which isnt amusing at all – What is the deal with the spammers, no one’s  reading it, and i dont know anyone who bought a manhood enhancer or those whacky pills they peddle, but hey if you cant beat it , smack it : )

In other news, our ISP seems to have smartened up, no more “borrowed” accounts working, which is extremely annoying, was just so used to all that speed, boned back to a 256k for now – oh the agony! Only a net lover would know : ) Like my friend Bhavesh.

Moving along, I’m always interested in finding direction for things, its important, or else you’re just moving along with the current, which is fine, if you want to go that way, but in my view if you dont take charge of your life, someone else will – Like my friend Pia feels – “If you dont stand for something – you fall for everyone” or something like that : )

So the purpose of a blog, is to express inner feelings or ideas if you prefer, and ideas are what influence people, ideas are what bring about society to its standards – it could be argued that society brings about ideas which would be true as well. I wouldnt want to experiment with the thought of living in solitude like the greek philosopher Democritus, who some say went mad because of living by himself. The true nature of man is not discovered in solitude or company, but within man himself, and i do believe that man is a gregarious social animal who thrives on company.

Back to influence of course, there are those who are affected by society, and there are those who will affect society. As a Hindu, I have been brought up with the idea of re-birth which is why i leave so much work undone – there is another life to do it in and all eternity to complete it. Perhaps that is why relegions who believe in but a single birth to do it all in manage to get so much further. Of course they may manage because they dont spend all their free time writing blog entries too..

As a  result of believing in rebirth, i am of the opinion that we are born with “samskar” of which the closests definition or meaning i can think of is personality traits or ideas or mental makeup. Now i am of the opinion that these samskara’s are a cumulative culmination of past lives, and their termination is in the realization of universal consciousness – as The Matrix has put it – of being “the One”.

I shall ramble no further, thanks for being in and see ya downstream people.

Wheeeeeee First Post!

Welcome to Dhruv’s website people.  I have to say life is just so exciting, it’s not just like a box of chocolates where you dont know what you’re going to get, but its like a ship full of chocolates – the dark bitter sweet sort – the type i like : ) Dont know what that has to do with life, but it’s all good : )

Sort of excited about getting me a new phone here, the n80 seems like a nice one, has wifi which is exciting. The other option is the cool w900 from Sony. The good part about the sony is that they just have such nice packaging, vs well just about anybody.

As far as phones go i dont really see the room for innovation at the moment, you’ve got your messaging, pictures, some funky ringtones and then a bunch of bells and whistles like actually talking to people, but give me something i can use ! I’d like to see a flip phone that presents a holographic image of the other person and then im making my calls to mallika sherawat who only has time to take my calls when she’s showering, of course she’s never alone at that point, so i cant say im looking forward to it!

Since im not one to procrastinate for too long, im going to head off from here and catch you later. See ya on the timeline folks.