Once upon a time in ancient India there lived a just king, and all he wished to do, was to serve his people, to bring prosperity to his land and to rule righteously.

At a certain time a great war came to his land, and as the time of reckoning approached, he knew he was faced with two options, to accede to his foe, or to fight the war and lose his people, his land and all that he believed in and held dear.

The king in his confusion asked his wisest sage for advice. Perhaps if this sage could show him a glimpse of the future, if he could only know the outcome of his choice. The wise sage told the king that in this rarest of rare circumstances, he would allow him to look into the future. So at the appointed hour the king came to the sage, and the sage asked the king to walk through a passageway and on the other side he would see the future.

After what seemed to his people an eternity, the king came out of the passage and announced that he would wage war, and so the kingdom went to war and fighting through a gruesome battle the kingdom emerged victorious.

When the battle was at an end, the people asked the wise king what it was that he saw, the king replied “As i walked into the corridor, i stared into a great void, there was no ground below me, no sky above, no stars that shone, and not a sound that could be heard, there was nothing  at all. At first i was taken aback with this picture of our future, and then i realised that there is no future that is writ, and no end to our journey. We make our own destiny and the paths we tread today will make our future tomorrow.”
Down with Love film

Often enough in life we forego our present to worry about a future that doesn’t exist. There is a wise king in all of us, and sometimes the words of the sage within don’t reach – This is when you should give Lord Dhruv a call 98301 dhruv – dial those digits all you mental midgets : )

I hope you enjoyed my little story: )


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