It’s the weekend again and its time to be a grooving and a grinding! It’s been a while since i blogged and i have to say i was hoping id be more regular on this than my once a month blogs.

I mean there ought to be something worth writing about aint it ? Surely life has something more than just the mundane to think about. There could be two reason for that

1. You dont find your life exciting enough to love its moments – in which case – it might be time to really look within and figure where you want to go – like to the Andamans to buy an island like my man Kaddu perhaps

- OR –

2. You just dont want to talk about it because you’re a super hero and cant give away your identity.

In my case its the latter of course, im a Super Commando : ) See for yourself!

Other than killing villians and assorted baddies, i cant complain, ive been loving it.

My sis, just left for Paris to study law for a while, which is good coz if my secrets out i need some lawyers to protect my ass. I mean think about it, you seen those superheroes, breaking down houses, ruining coffee shops, crashing planes, hell im sure the government wants to sue their asses : )

What else do we have here, football fever, dont see enough of that yet for sure, cant claim to be a football maniac, but its a fun watch, 10 people running after a ball ( the goalkeeper doesnt! ) and getting themselves colour cards – like my friend Mukesh said “Man that was a bad one, he deserves a green card!” He he !

Well gotta go meus amigos – till our paths meet!

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