Inspiration – a poet needs a pain, an inventor needs a problem, and a rebel needs a cause. I ask not for a life without difficulties, but an existence of struggle and perspiration. Without a struggle I would not appreciate my destination – and without my destination i would have lost my purpose – purpose and inspiration are interchangeable.

I have been tardy to post here – scattered have been my thoughts of late – for they have lacked completion. I have noticed that I often lack the urge and urgency to complete a task within a timeframe – I wouldn’t want to analyze the psychological nuances behind the phenomenon it would serve more purpose than is required – once you are aware of a problem, correction is a logical direction, analysis and diatribe would be mental exercise.

One of my family members passed away in the past week – death is not something we the living are accustomed to – any physicist will gladly enlighten us about the law of conservation of energy – and how it may be interpreted to let us know that dying is not as final as it seems, but it is just a change in the state of matter. What I have noticed is that most of us are averse to change, and the greater the variance in the change – the greater is our resistance. Since death is the ultimate transformation of state that our minds can perceive – there we have our greatest attachment and henceforth resistance. Which leads to the ever popular conclusion that attachment leads to resistance.

The only people who can say it different are the borg who are happy to point that “resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.” Assimilation is far easier a path than resistance, it takes a brave mind to resist social norms and requirements, our personalities are stitched from the fabric of society and to go against its weave, is to fight, it is to rebel, to invent, to compose – which irnonically brings us back to the start of our little dialogue – the requirements of Inspiration. Life is a beautiful circle and it’s only gift is timelessness.

Thank you for reading my friend – talk soon.

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