Mental make up is an intricate part of a human being, and i wonder if abhishek bachan does really know what he’s getting into with that gorgeous manglik lady’s mental state..

Anyhow back to the subject at hand – passion.

Words play more of an importance in the a situation than we often realise. For example, our emotions, our feelings or thoughts can be portrayed only to the extent of the vocabulary that we posess, which is not to say that every anthropoids objective should be to amass large and prolific words of wisdom. So god in his glory invented actions. And we know that actions speak louder than words. Words are just an expression of interest, something that the speaker uses to put his passion into expression. However vocal expression is not the culmination of that passion, it is the outcome of action that is culmination of the passion.

Passion comes from the latin verb passio, it was originally used to describe the walk that Jesus had to take with the crucifix on his back. And after discovering the entire reason that the word came about, i certainly am going to think twice about using it, it doesnt bring about a pretty picture, however it also makes me questions what right and wrong is. Jesus died for what he believed in, and Jesus felt he was doing something beautiful, and correct – it was his faith, it was his passion.

I feel Latin words come about with no real emotion behind them, Indian words on the other hand are far better planned. We have the entire alphabet mapped onto our pallate, if you speak the alphabet you realise that all sets of sounds emanate from a different parts of the mouth, and i believe each word in hindi is not a random occourence of sound and movement, but carries with it an emotional quality – passion : )I do not believe anyone i know is without passion, it is just a matter of finding it, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what makes you angry, what make you laugh, and what makes you cry, our emotions are the buidling of our passion. In some of us our emotions are well within check and then in some they are let loose. And then there are those rare few..

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It’s a big life : ) Lets make ours a large one please : )

Much love, dhruv

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