Didnt get around to that phone just as yet, back to contemplating that one for now : ) Couldnt get my hands on that just as yet, but i did manage to get my hands around – a lot of spam ! Which isnt amusing at all – What is the deal with the spammers, no one’s  reading it, and i dont know anyone who bought a manhood enhancer or those whacky pills they peddle, but hey if you cant beat it , smack it : )

In other news, our ISP seems to have smartened up, no more “borrowed” accounts working, which is extremely annoying, was just so used to all that speed, boned back to a 256k for now – oh the agony! Only a net lover would know : ) Like my friend Bhavesh.

Moving along, I’m always interested in finding direction for things, its important, or else you’re just moving along with the current, which is fine, if you want to go that way, but in my view if you dont take charge of your life, someone else will – Like my friend Pia feels – “If you dont stand for something – you fall for everyone” or something like that : )

So the purpose of a blog, is to express inner feelings or ideas if you prefer, and ideas are what influence people, ideas are what bring about society to its standards – it could be argued that society brings about ideas which would be true as well. I wouldnt want to experiment with the thought of living in solitude like the greek philosopher Democritus, who some say went mad because of living by himself. The true nature of man is not discovered in solitude or company, but within man himself, and i do believe that man is a gregarious social animal who thrives on company.

Back to influence of course, there are those who are affected by society, and there are those who will affect society. As a Hindu, I have been brought up with the idea of re-birth which is why i leave so much work undone – there is another life to do it in and all eternity to complete it. Perhaps that is why relegions who believe in but a single birth to do it all in manage to get so much further. Of course they may manage because they dont spend all their free time writing blog entries too..

As a  result of believing in rebirth, i am of the opinion that we are born with “samskar” of which the closests definition or meaning i can think of is personality traits or ideas or mental makeup. Now i am of the opinion that these samskara’s are a cumulative culmination of past lives, and their termination is in the realization of universal consciousness – as The Matrix has put it – of being “the One”.

I shall ramble no further, thanks for being in and see ya downstream people.

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