Yudhishthira said that as mortals we are all reconciled to meet our fate – death. For that which has a begining, must have an end.

Each of us knows that we are going to die one day, but so gross is our understanding of life and so attached are we to the flesh that we live pretending it will be an eternity. However the wise, the learned, the enlightened, they know the truth of death, that it is not an end, but a gateway to a new consciousness, that of freedom, one of eternity and continuation of eternity.

What we term as the Hindu relegion is not actually a relegion, Hindu is a term which is defined by one of our many invaders, the persians among others, who could not pronounce our lands name and named the lands to the east of the Indus, and Hindustan, and the people who inhabitted it – The Hindus.

The real relegion of India is called santana dharma, sanatana means that which has no begin and no end. The philosophy of sanatana is one of excellence, to excel in any field of interest, which is why hindus can encompass so many, often conflicting philosophies. Which leads to the confusion that India is today!

Gotta run – more later!

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  1. Hey there I just happened upon your blog because my son’s name is Dhruv and I googled it for fun. I like that all the titles of your entries encompass your name. I enjoy reading your ruminations. I especially liked this one, so much so I felt the need to comment. I am a hindu or the way you explain a follower of Sanaatan Dharma (thats how we call it). I have some questions about our dharma that are born out of the need and want to understand hinduism better and this post really put in a way I could understand. Thanks so much

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