Wheeeeeee First Post!

Welcome to Dhruv’s website people.  I have to say life is just so exciting, it’s not just like a box of chocolates where you dont know what you’re going to get, but its like a ship full of chocolates – the dark bitter sweet sort – the type i like : ) Dont know what that has to do with life, but it’s all good : )

Sort of excited about getting me a new phone here, the n80 seems like a nice one, has wifi which is exciting. The other option is the cool w900 from Sony. The good part about the sony is that they just have such nice packaging, vs well just about anybody.

As far as phones go i dont really see the room for innovation at the moment, you’ve got your messaging, pictures, some funky ringtones and then a bunch of bells and whistles like actually talking to people, but give me something i can use ! I’d like to see a flip phone that presents a holographic image of the other person and then im making my calls to mallika sherawat who only has time to take my calls when she’s showering, of course she’s never alone at that point, so i cant say im looking forward to it!

Since im not one to procrastinate for too long, im going to head off from here and catch you later. See ya on the timeline folks.

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