I like to start each year with a note on what the last year has been, this year i felt it should be done before the new year starts, because change is a good thing, and also because hindsight can be a bitch : )

The New Year spells a time to recollect, to reminisce, to reflect, to paint over the past, to bring out the best from that which was and learn from what it gave.  And there’s been so much that it gave! Connections forged, connections forgotten, avenues discovered, new paths treaded, a part of the self that was explored, understood, expanded and readied. Readied for what? For that which is yet to come, for that which is not known, and that is to be done in the only way it can be done, by believing. Believing that for all that is changing, dying, evolving; there is an underlying spirit that is changeless, immortal, and forever free. It is this spirit which makes us what we are today and what we shall be in our tomorrow. That very spirit that empowers our dreams, gives us a reason to face the morrow and live, truly live for all that we can be.

I believe that as humans we are all social animals, that we have needs that need to be fulfilled at each stage in our lives. We have an underlying need to live our lives for someone other than just ourselves. Women understand this much better than men, which is why we see some remarkably intelligent women with lowlife jerks, that’s where they experience their greatest joy, in the belief that they can truly change another human being, which is of course as much as a traffic signal can change your mind about breaking the orange light : ) That being said, is said in jest, i have the highest respect for these women, they epitomise the feeling of motherhood which is the culmination of the experience of being a woman.

Most of lifes truth’s see us in the face each day, some of us are willing to see them and accept them, most of us choose to ignore them or blindly hope to overcome them. In our hope’s lie the source of our greatest strength and the reason of our greatest weakness. Man will always be a creature of circumstance, but circumstances change with awareness, as human beings we have the privilege of choice, and our awareness of a circumstance affects our choices which in turn will roll out for us our life path. All in all it’s all a beautiful bowl of fuzz! It is easier to accept than it is overcome.

The truth is of course that which sets us free and it is all around us, the more we live the more we learn – as travelers on our path we have the objective of seeing both within our self and out there into the great void around us. And before we say our goodbye’s to the year that was, do look back to what it gave, what it took, and what it changed. That which was, shall never be again, and even that which is yet to come shall come and then be gone again. Life in all its glory is not worth clinging to, its worth celebrating and may the new year bring you all that you desire, want and need, and a new reason to celebrate each day that you live!

PS; My thoughts are largely affected by what i’ve read and what i believe, you likely play little or no consequence in forming this picture – not!

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