It’s been a long while since i posted, and in that long while there’s been a bunch of long stories, some that left me with a long face and some that left me laughing for long, so the short of it is that its been long!

Been a bunch of interesting places, seen some pretty faces, met some nutball cases, a few warm embraces and even been saved by lady lucks graces : )

There were some times when things got really gloomy, and then someone switched on a bulb, and then there were others where i managed to do the same.

And from it all, i learnt that you have to keep it moving, i decided i just GOTTA move more often! SO SHOULD YOU! I also decided that i wouldnt impose my better judgement on people – but thats another story : )

What i really like about travelling is that it opens us up to a bunch of different ideas,
gets you thinking about things that you havnt been thinkin, even when you were drinkin, and smokin, coz maybe you were broken, but now that you’re open, lets get it movin, and lets keep it flowin : )

And thats enough silly rhyme for this time


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