Had gone out for lunch today with a few friends and i realised all over again why i call this city home, now it might be strange and it might be odd, but here’s what really makes me feel just all at home in my city.

So i was feeling really hungry and couldnt wait another moment for my lunch, so i just turned around to the person on my left and asked him if i could have some of his fries : ) It might be odd and it might be strange, but the kid was happy to share and was kind enough to offer some more : ) I think that started to fill me with the warmth that is Calcutta : )  Of course it continued when we were walking back to the car and i decided i wanted to get some icecream, couldnt find the cart vendor and opened up the cart to help myself to a stick, left the cash with another vendor and walked away. All I want to say is that you could put me London, Paris or Rome and I couldnt do any of that, and I’m not so sure people there could do it either : )

The saying goes “Familiarity builds contempt.” I think not! Familiarity may build contentment, comfort, maybe even children, but not contempt : ) There may be a million things wrong with my city, and those things might not even exist in another, but there are a million and one things that are right with it, and those make it all worth while!

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  1. I’m sure the truth is you were holding a gun to that poor kid’s head.

    Anyway, thanks for putting me in your links (even if it means driving all your readers away).

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