Independence Day

I cant make up my mind which picture i like more, but today is Independence day. 60 glorious years of freedom after centiries of dominance. I have thought a few times about when India truly had her golden period. In chronological perspective India has been ruled by foreign invaders for centuries the British started meddling in local affairs in about 1830 (banned sati) and they left in 1947. Before that we had the muslims from 1527 (Babur vs Rana Sanga). For a 400 year period before that India was pretty divided in rule with a bunch of southern indian kingdoms having power, which leads us to the golden period in Indian history, which to me starts at about 1000 B.C. and goes on till somewhere about 1100 AD. A good 2100 year span of cultural, spiritual and economic strength. Right from mathematicians, philosophers, scientists, rishis and rulers. India had it all.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas film Back to the present, India is a young country, the largest democracy in the world, the 6th largest country, home to the biggest employer (Indian Railways), has the most post offices and has smarties like me writing blogs about random facts : )

The Indian Flag

The Flags of our Fathers

Incidentally, im really curious about which version looks better- Do push in some thoughts !

 Jai Hind

2 Replies to “Independence Day”

  1. Not to sound like a raving lunatic but this picture really is an insult to our Veteran’s sacrifice. The men in that photo fought and died to raise the American, not Indian flag above Iwo Jima. I have absolutely no problem with your patriotism but I do take offense to this hijacking of a cherished American icon. Have some consideration for the soldiers who fought through Hell to raise a salute to their country and fallen brothers.

  2. ok karchcoon. It’s not like something precious to indians has not been hijacked also. (read swastika for starters). I liked what Dhruv had to say and he was creative about it. I think its funny how Americans think they are the only ones who have fought and died for the righteous cause. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Every culture has fought for some cause they believed in and we are a global village. Play nice in the global playground, he did not burn the flag he made it personal.

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