When i look back at life, i dont know what i did right and what i did wrong, but i can look back and say that i did. Not all our actions and thoughts will lead us to being happy, but i do know that without actions we can never be happy!

I believe all of us have an answer deep inside to what will make us happy – really happy! I believe that hapiness and simplicity are closely related, the more bunk i have in my life, the more complicated life gets, not to say that i would be happy to kick out everything just to have simplicity, and hell a broadband connection has its place in life – ask this lucky mum!

Our surroundings – our family, our friends, our workers, the one’s we are closest with, they are reflections of ourself. The closest people around me are the ones that best reflect me character. There is a little bit of everyone in me, now each of these characters has desires. That desire which obtains victory is termed – will -. The inner disposition which makes the will possible is called character.

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Life has a destiny in store for each of us, our actions help us realise our destiny, we are often faced with “quite the conundrum” and our choices will seem confused, but there really is no clear right nor wrong, just choices, we have passed this way before and will pass by again, each time we have our options and life in the moment is always happy : )

A wise man once told me that there are lots of problems going around and that its important to remember that most of them are not really yours! Kid’s not happy - kids problem, Parents not happy – parents problem, Friends not happy – friends problem, you not happy – now thats your problem – but I try not to interrelate the lot, however do take some time to think and do take action, don’t spend all your life sitting in the same old place that doesnt really get you what you want.  Thats what life is about, getting what you really want from it. Your will will prevail, just make sure its the right character that wins!



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