I have been thinking about what right and wrong consitutes for me, for us, for society, and for the world at large. The concept of Dharma is at the center of eastern relegion, and since eastern relegion is mostly what western relegion is based on : ) – lets say its at the heart of most religious practice.

Dharma to me is core of what my faith is, what my beliefs are, from which my happiness arises, that which my soul speaks, and that which my mind accepts. When the soul speaks and the mind refutes, there arises confusion, from confusion comes unhapiness. There is a purity in all of us which lives in our soul, we are all creatures of happiness and delight, just that some of us take a while to hear that. So for me my hapiness is my Dharma..

Then what of dharma for us, and who is us? You and me, my dear ones and me, the ones i interact with and the one’s i feel for. So in this case, the concept of dharma expands to cover a large base, and with society an ever expanding base, then the world, and the universe and then encompasses us all. Now how could we live in dichotomoy and have a singular concept of dharma ?

I believe that the answer lies in the fact that there is no right and no wrong, that which you feel is right, is right, that which your heart speaks and that which the mind agrees with. Dharma Matigrah Udghrutah. Life hands you a multitude of choices, doing what makes you happy is what makes life worth living. Works for me, cant say if it’s true for that Charles Bronson dude : )

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