I was thinking about Relationships, what they are, how they evolve, and what really makes them right. I realise there is no hard and fast set of rules – you could have a relationship between two thieves and its built on a factor of fear and distrust, and it may work very well, but likely for a short term. You may have one between a teacher and a student, one built on admiration and respect, or in many cases the fear of a couple of whacks ( yes it’s perfectly fine in India to slap a student around ) – but then again that just goes so far. You might have a relationship with a friend based on pure sexual chemistry and admiration of the others looks or perhaps prowess : ) But that too is short lived..

Here’s a couple of things that do matter – respect, love, admiration, empathy, trust, honesty, humour, passion and a host of other little thing. However the one that comes out right on top is Respect  – R E S P E C T – and i’ll tell you what it means to me ! It’s just one of those things that comes about, when you happen to see a piece of perfection, something that you aspire to be, something about a truth hidden somewhere that you can see. I say respect is based on truth, the more truthful we are, the less lies we have, simpler life is, and better skin and youth you’ll retain : )

If you want a relationship to stand the test of time, to weather any storm, to be your Rock of Gibraltar, base it on truth, its tough at times, and you will get hurt, and you will want to knock your “significant others” head off, poison them or feed them to the lions, but trust me – the truth is all that will let either of you live. And not just live, but live happily ever after!