We meet different sorts of personalities and character types everyday. I wanted to write about a few :

The Opponent –

If you want to get further in life, you need an adversary – an opponent, a better opponent, because the only way to grow is to play a better opponent, a bigger opponent, a smarter opponent. Because your opponent helps you grow, helps you get a measure – a measure of your courage, of your strength – a measure of what you can be. Your opponent helps describes who you are, and what  more you can be. Even though your goal may be to defeat them, i pray it is not to vanquish them, but instead to honour them, for without them we are smaller indeed.

The Warrior –

He did not question if he was to win or loose, neither did he care if he would kill or be killed
His questions, his only thoughts, his very dharma was this;
Will I fulfill my duty as a warrior, with honour or without ?
and as a warrior, am i fighting, fighting for justice ?
whether i am faced with victory or failure, my duty, my dharma is to fight
Till my last breath, till the last drop of blood in my veins
For truth, for justice and for humanity, to overcome and overpower till the fight is at end

The Lover –

When the distinction between yours and mine is at end – I am you.
So do i love you, or do you love me or are we one?
I feel you – full of love, and then i feel you flow away, I lost myself, and yet there remained you.
Every day you came, yet i could’nt see your face, i lit a lamp, but it was in vain.
Were you really by my side? You come and go for what? You awakened me and why?
For now i lie awake day and night – hankering for your sight.